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South Africa is called the “Rainbow Nation” because of its cultural diversity. An example is the 11 official languages spoken in the country. In the Western Cape, as well as in the other provinces, you can communicate in English without any difficulty.

Calmness is the first lesson you will learn from the South African life. The clocks tick a bit slower and the German punctuality is not as important to everyone. People are very friendly and often engage in small talk, and don’t seem to be affected too much by stress. The only time it gets a little hectic is at the end of a working day or right before a rugby game – a very popular sport that should be experienced if you get a chance.

South Africa is an emerging market country and as a result you will see many different words come together in Cape Town. On the one hand there is the glamorous shopping world, stylish restaurants and promenades outlined with palm trees, on the other there is poverty and informal settlements. Unfortunately, after more than 15 years of democracy economic balance and social justice is yet to be achieved.



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