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The informal settlements of the Cape Flats are vibrant communities, by some considered the birthplace of Cape Town’s soul and art, and are popular destinations for day-trips. However, tourists should rather travel with a tour company than going on their own. Township tours are offered by many professional tour-companies, one of them is andulela.

andulela offers interactive day tours and packages in South Africa. Their cultural and wildlife experiences combine renowned “must-see-and-do” highlights with unique opportunities of discovering “behind the scenes” and “off-the-beaten-track”. Universal themes (e.g. cooking, music, arts, crafts, sport) often with a “hands-on” participative aspect, allow visitors and locals to exchange, learn and have fun in authentic situations despite varying cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. At the core of andulela’s approach lies the concept of responsible tourism. We strive to create and maintain a long-term balance between the different needs of traveller and those of the region visited. By booking with andulela, visitors directly contribute to the conservation of natural environments and help develop the scope of local communities: http://www.andulela.com



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