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Are you still in Germany?

How do I apply from Germany?

Firstly, it is of course easier if you are already in Cape Town. Most companies prefer to meet the candidate in person, and are often concerned with making an appointment from Germany because of the risk, despite a commitment from the candidate, that s/he may think twice and decide to rather stay by the beautiful Rhine, rather than migrating to far-away Africa.


Despite this, there are of course possibilities. For very specific profiles, for which our clients struggle to find suitable local candidates, the willingness to recruit directly from Germany is naturally bigger. But as such, there is a large portion of luck involved. Not only must the position be so specific that the client chooses to expand its candidate search to Germany; the candidate profile must also fit, as the saying goes, “like a glove”.


Therefore, most candidates choose to get a job with one of the large German customer-service centres. These are run by large international companies that process German customer queries over the phone or via email from Cape Town. Arbeiten in Kapstadt advices all the big companies in this industry on finding and hiring new staff members. We can offer all interested parties the opportunity to apply directly from Germany, and to participate in a telephone interview as well as an employee test to secure an offer of employment. Particularly advantageous is that for these jobs a work permit can be issued under the “Corporate Work Permit” category, ensuring that nothing stands in the way of a new life in Cape Town.

Immigration and Recruitment

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