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This is how we can support your company’s recruitment process:


We like to keep it simple; your company is looking for staff members that speak German, French, Italian or any other European language, and we have access to these candidates. We manage the search for and pre-selection of applicants without inflating the process unnecessarily. We can keep our fees unusually low compared to our competitors.


What you should know:
You will only pay once you have appointment someone. Services are free of charge up to this point.

  • Our fees are among the best in Cape Town.
  • Here is the most important reason: we have access to all important language groups in Cape Town, and we keep in constant contact with these target groups; which other recruitment agency has more than 1,400 fans on Facebook?
  • Each appointment comes with a guarantee – should the candidate leave within three months of being appointed.
  • Advice from one single source: we would happily assist your company with all questions and aspects of the visa requirements for obtaining a work permit.





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