About Us

You need qualified German speakers, but struggle to find them? With “Arbeiten in Kapstadt” you won’t ever have to worry again! We can help you.

Remember taxis cruising through Cape Town with the famous „German“ Garden Gnome exploring the beauty of South Africa?

Those were the days where „Arbeiten in Kapstadt“ became friends with the German community here in Cape Town! Operating like any regular recruitment agency, specializing in German speakers and supporting all major employers in the Western Cape in finding them qualified German speaking candidates.

Well, those days are long gone. “Arbeiten in Kapstadt” no longer operates as a recruitment agency.

Our Social Media following however has continued to grow over the years… and so have the requests by German speaking candidates and employers alike, to use our unique reach within the German community and find those urgently searched for „German speaking“ profiles.

With our Facebook pages „Arbeiten in Kapstadt“ and „Germans in Cape Town“ we reach over 11 000 German speakers in Cape Town and South Africa. Through us you can now have unrivalled access to the German speaking community in South Africa.

Through our new Arbeiten in Kapstadt job board you now can directly communicate with the German speaking communityIt’s cost effective, easy, effective and there is no middleman.

Inform the German community in South Africa NOW, that you have vacancies for German speakers!

All German speaking jobs that are listed on the Arbeiten in Kapstadt Job Portal were directly placed by the Employer. The job listings are updated in real time.

Please directly contact the Employer, as Arbeiten in Kapstadt only provides the German language specialised Job Portal Platform to connect German language speaking job applicants and the employer.

You find important and interesting information on our info pages, living and working in Cape Town on the following subjects: Kids and Education, Property and Real Estate, Banks and Finances, Churches, Language Schools, Moving and Health Insurance.