German Bakery – Arnim’s Backstube – Stellenbosch

by Arnim and Elke
Published: Feb 26, 2020 (11 months ago)
Slow Market Stellenbosch, Distell Oude Libertas Estate on the corner of Adam Tas and Oude Libertas Street

Enjoy delicious baked goods at Arnim’s Backstube, just like from any traditional German Bakery!

Arnim's Backstube

The idea to Arnim’s Backstube was born long time ago in Germany, when Arnim used to “hang out” at the Conditorei R. Sailer. Armin and Elke, who come from Düsseldorf and Cologne, respectively, started their baking adventure after celebrating a great success with the cake they baked for the German St Johannis Heim Bazar, 11 years ago.

From there it just was a natural next step to transform their hobby into a business they are passionate about.

Now we can enjoy yummy German quality baked goods from Armin’s Backstube every Saturday at the Slow Market Stellenbosch. The choices are phenomenal ranging from traditional German Cakes, Tarts, fresh waffles, Marzipanhörnchen, Nußecken, traditional Cheesecake and many more of these delicious wonders.

Arnim and Elke will also be happy to custom make your cake or bakes goods.

For more information about Arnim’s Backstube or on how to order your next birthday cake from a traditional German Bakery, just click here.   

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