Restaurant – Robyn Hood – Gardens, Cape Town – Burger Restaurant – German owned

by Guido
Published: Oct 25, 2019 (1 year ago)
66 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town

Robyn Hood – Burger Grill is owned by Guido, the German owner of Cafe Extrablatt. Robyn Hood Burger Grill however has different beginnings and started with a question: What if we could make a restaurant with the most amazing, fresh, locally sourced produce that gives back to the community and brings hope?

Robynhood Buger & Grill in Cape Town- Deutsche in Kapstadt- Germans in Cape Town - Arbeiten in Kapstadt

The answer came in the medieval legend of Robin Hood. An educated man from England, who vowed to give back to the poor from his loot off the rich.

At Robyn Hood you will find awesome burgers, be it gourmet beef, chicken, skinny, vegan or vegetarian, or you can spoil yourself with juicy grills. With every bite you take, you donate to our charity of the moment – Robyn Hood style!

Robyn Hood support local and nationally, business and charities, as long as there is upliftment, employment and hope at the end of the line.  Children are welcome and  your can make a difference while you enjoy top quality meals with locally sourced grass fed beef, free range chicken and the freshest greens.

Robynhood Buger & Grill in Cape Town- German Owned - Deutsche in Kapstadt- Germans in Cape Town - Arbeiten in Kapstadt

Call 087 701 8454 to make your reservation at Robyn Hood – Burger & Grill.

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