German Zhineng Qigong training – Body & Mind Factory

by Britta Stalling
Published: Oct 25, 2019 (1 year ago)

Britta Stalling the founder of Body & Mind Factory arrived in Cape Town South Africa in 2005, for the launch of her and her partner’s new company in Cape Town. While building this start up business, Britta also continued to explore and train in the art of Zhineng Qigong, attending training courses in China and Germany and eventually becoming a qualified German Zhineng Qigong Teacher herself. The creation of the Body & Mind factory followed naturally.

Today Britta and other Zhineng Qigong masters are working on assisting people to live a healthy and balanced life that reflects their personal and individual priorities and lifestyle in South Africa and many other countries. By applying these easy and highly effective methods and exercises, a new body-mind harmony arises. The scientifically proven approach of Zhineng Qigong looks at the issue of disease prevention from a holistic perspective.

Britta offers monthly Qigong sessions and has invited a Qigong Master from China for a five day retreat in March 2020

Contact your German Zhineng Qigong teacher Britta from the Body & Mind Factory in Cape Town, South Africa here and find out what you, too can benefit from this ancient art of relaxation and holistic health method in Cape Town and South Africa.

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