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Living with children in South Africa - Kindergarten, School, University etc.

Would you like to emigrate to South Africa with your family? Or are you planning to start a new family somewhere between Cape Town and Johannesburg? There are German language jobs on offer and maybe you accepted one and are moving with your family and kids to South Africa. Now you need to find answers to many questions about raising children in South Africa. For Germans in Cape Town and South Africa, the choice of German kindergartens and German schools in the urban regions is very good. However, if you are in a remote region, you will face some challenges.

Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg – a first-class offer for German education

In big cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town there are many possibilities for German immigrants to send their children to a German kindergarten, or a German school. For example, institutions such as the German International School Cape Town – DSK (Deutsche Internationale Schule Kapstadt) offer for example primary school education strictly in German. From the fifth grade onwards, classes are bilingual. At the school, pupils have the choice of completing their German Abitur, or their Matric in English.  For Germans in Cape Town, all is almost like in Germany, just the weather is better.

German-speaking schools prefer to admit children who have attended a German kindergarten, to the primary school. Although this is not a prerequisite, it improves one’s chances of acceptance at such a school. This is because a place at the school is not automatically secured. German schools are always private schools, which consider each application separately. For a successful application, many factors come into play:

  • German language experience of the child (language test by the school)
  • Financial status of parents
  • Residence status of the child

Costs for a German school education in South Africa

German schools and kindergartens in South Africa are always privately funded. And although there are isolated opportunities to receive financial support from the school, the school fees usually have to be paid entirely by the parents. Therefore a financial viability check is included in the application regulations of schools, and some kindergartens. Compared to school fees of other private schools in Cape Town, the school fees for the Deutsche Schule in Kapstadt, are low, as the school receives funding from the German Government.

The school fees depend mainly on the region. In general, a full day of care in a kindergarten, costs about ZAR 3,000. Primary schools cost about ZAR 4,500 per month. The school fees can be paid annually, in advance. A discount on the total cost is often granted for this. Alternatively, quarterly payment of school fees is common.

Home schooling in German

If you are planning to move to a region far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, it is unlikely that you will find a local German school or kindergarten. Since there is no compulsory schooling in South Africa, it is possible to have children taught by private teachers. German-speaking jobs for teachers of all school levels, should not be that hard to find in South Africa.

Germans in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban will find it easier to access a comparable and good German school education for their kids in South Africa.

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